Mukai, Mikado, Miho, Linn
  Characters: B
  Story: B
  Animation: B-
  Dub / Sub: I / B+
  Music: C
  Reviewer's Tilt: C-
  Penalty: F
  Total: C+
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The Adventures of Kotetsu

Japanese Name: Kotetsu no Daiboken
Japanese Name (Translation): Great Adventure of Kotetsu?
North American Name: The Adventures of Kotetsu

Episodes (Total): 2 (OAV)
Episodes (Seen): 2 (English Subbed)
Category / Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Action
Year: 1995 (Japan) / 1998 (US)
Based on the Manga By: M.E.E.
Age Suitability: 18+ (Profanity, Violence, Nudity, Ecchi, Adult Situations)
Date Reviewed: Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Overview: (VHS Back)
     Let yourself be charmed by classy Linn Suzuki, the feisty but loveable young warrior known as "Kotetsu!" Fleeing Kyoto one step ahead of her 100-year-old master, she stumbles onto the doorstep of the lovely detective Miho Kuon and into an underground web of intrigue. 
     Ever the innocent, all she wants is a place to stay; but instead she's attacked by zombie street punks, a famous statue, a hot-tempered tree nymph and a geeky magician, who's actually kind of cute. But all men have the same intentions, donít they? Whatís a naïve young girl to do?
     Coming of age shouldn't be this hard. But through it all, Linn never loses her sense of humor, her signature magic katana sword or her towel, which somehow clings to her diminutive frame throughout this masterpiece of martial arts mayhem!
     Holy Crap! My brand-new ecchi meter overloaded and blew up. </sarcasm>
     This short anime is sort of a quick introduction to a long running manga series of the same name.  This is nothing new a short, OAV series to make someone interested in the manga, Oh My Goddess and GunSmith Cats are very good examples of this, sadly this isn't.  Am I interested? Yes, because I hope the manga is better than the anime.  The series had a lot of interesting characters (which are sadly naked half the time)  I only hope that the anime exaggerated the fanservice. 
     The story (what of it there was) was pretty good but the constant fanservice really made the story hard to find. Not to metion that nearly every female (minus Linn, thank goodness) dresses like a slut, and that nearly ever male is perv.  Which, IMHO had been done to death about a few thousand times over.
      Two things would to make this better, lose the fanservice and give us a more pronounced story, and make it longer I mean we get the gang together and it ends.  Odd thing, Mikado, looks alot like me, but sadly that character is a perv.  I would like to see a geeky and/or overweight kind of guy for once not be a perv.  Now that would be new. 
      This title really dances the line between ecchi and hentai.

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Thomas Sargent
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